UEFA European Championships

The opening match of the Euros will see Turkey take on Italy from Group A at 20:00 on June 11, to be
followed by three games taking place the following day as part of the remainder of Group A and the
entirety of Group B. The group stage matches will continue through until Wednesday, June 23, with
Germany facing Hungary at 20:00 as the final game from such.

The tournament will then go through its standard Round of 16, into the quarter-finals, the semi-
finals and then the final, which is set to occur on Sunday, July 11, 2021.

So, which teams are being considered as the top contenders to possibly take home the trophy?

Many fingers are pointing towards France as winning the entire competition. The team are labelled
as having a solid squad of players, and this was even before they added Karim Benzema to the side,
following quite the absence from the national team. It is also thought that Kylian Mbappe is
expected to become the player of the tournament, with props given to Antoine Griezmann, Paul
Pogba and N’Golo Kante.

There will be a fight on France’s hands for the victory, though. Some have suggested that England

will be strong contenders for the championship, being under the sturdy leadership of Gareth
Southgate. Germany will also want to prove their strength, although with Jochim Low looking to
leave following the Euros only to be replaced by Hansi Flick, they may not make it beyond the semi-
finals. Other strong contenders include Italy, thanks to the wonderful work of Robert Mancini, and
particular highlights leaning in favour of Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic and Belgium.

Here’s the full schedule for Euro 2020…

Euro 2020 groups
Group A: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales
Group B: Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Finland
Group C: Ukraine, Netherlands, Austria, North Macedonia
Group D: England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland
Group E: Spain, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia
Group F: Germany, France, Portugal, Hungary

Euro 2020 venues
Stadio Olimpico, Rome
Olympic Stadium, Baku
St Petersburg Stadium, Saint Petersburg
Parken Stadium, Copenhagen
Johan Cruijff ArenA, Amsterdam
National Arena, Bucharest
Wembley Stadium, London
Hampden Park, Glasgow
Estadio La Cartuja, Seville
Fußball Arena Munchen, Munich

Euro 2021 fixtures and match dates
Group stage
Friday 11 June
Group A: Turkey vs Italy (20:00, Rome, BBC)

Saturday 12 June
Group A: Wales vs Switzerland (14:00, Baku, BBC) Group B: Denmark vs Finland (15:00, Copenhagen, BBC) Group B: Belgium vs Russia (20:00, St Petersburg, ITV)

Sunday 13 June
Group D: England vs Croatia (14:00, London, BBC) Group C: Austria vs North Macedonia (17:00, Bucharest, ITV) Group C: Netherlands vs Ukraine (20:00, Amsterdam, ITV)

Monday 14 June
Group D: Scotland vs Czech Republic (14:00, Glasgow, BBC) Group E: Poland vs Slovakia (17:00, Dublin, ITV) Group E: Spain vs Sweden (20:00, Seville, BBC)

Tuesday 15 June
Group F: Hungary vs Portugal (17:00, Budapest, ITV) Group F: France vs Germany (20:00, Munich, ITV)

Wednesday 16 June
Group B: Finland vs Russia (14:00, St Petersburg, BBC) Group A: Turkey vs Wales (15:00, Baku, BBC) Group A: Italy vs Switzerland (20:00, Rome, ITV)

Thursday 17 June
Group C: Ukraine vs North Macedonia (14:00, Bucharest, ITV) Group B: Denmark vs Belgium (17:00, Copenhagen, ITV) Group C: Netherlands vs Austria (20:00, Amsterdam, BBC)

Friday 18 June
Group E: Sweden vs Slovakia (14:00, St Petersburg, BBC) Group D: Croatia vs Czech Republic (17:00, Glasgow, BBC) Group D: England vs Scotland (20:00, London, ITV)

Saturday 19 June
Group F: Hungary vs France (14:00, Budapest, BBC) Group F: Portugal vs Germany (17:00, Munich, ITV) Group E: Spain vs Poland (20:00, Seville, BBC)

Sunday 20 June
Group A: Italy vs Wales (15:00, Rome, ITV) Group A: Switzerland vs Turkey (17:00, Baku, ITV)

Monday 21 June
Group C: North Macedonia vs Netherlands (17:00, Amsterdam, ITV) Group C: Ukraine vs Austria (17:00, Bucharest, ITV) Group B: Russia vs Denmark (20:00, Copenhagen, BBC) Group B: Finland vs Belgium (20:00, St Petersburg, BBC)

Tuesday 22 June
Group D: Czech Republic vs England (20:00, London, ITV) Group D: Croatia vs Scotland (20:00, Glasgow, ITV)

Wednesday 23 June
Group E: Slovakia vs Spain (17:00, Seville, ITV) Group E: Sweden vs Poland (17:00, St Petersburg, ITV) Group F: Germany vs Hungary (20:00, Munich, BBC) Group F: Portugal v France (20:00, Budapest, BBC)

Knockout phase
Round of 16

Saturday 26 June
1: 2A vs 2B (17:00, Amsterdam) 2: 1A vs 2C (20:00, London)

Sunday 27 June
3: 1C vs 3D/E/F (17:00, Budapest) 4: 1B vs 3A/D/E/F (20:00, Seville)

Monday 28 June
5: 2D vs 2E (17:00, Copenhagen) 6: 1F vs 3A/B/C (20:00, Bucharest)

Tuesday 29 June
7: 1D vs 2F (17:00, London) 8: 1E vs 3A/B/C/D (20:00, Glasgow)

Friday 2 July
QF1: Winner 6 vs Winner 5 (17:00, St Petersburg) QF2: Winner 4 vs Winner 2 (20:00, Munich)

Saturday 3 July
QF3: Winner 3 vs Winner 1 (17:00, Baku) QF4: Winner 8 vs Winner 7 (20:00, Rome)

Tuesday 6 July
SF1: Winner QF2 vs Winner QF1 (20:00, London)

Wednesday 7 July
SF2: Winner QF4 vs Winner QF3 (20:00, London)

Sunday 11 July
Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 (20:00, London)

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